Monday, February 11, 2013

To all of my devoted readers and fans:

lmao!! Okay, that was funny. :D I don't even think my kids read my blog...

Anyway, an update on all of my progress since I was last on:

hmm...okay, I'll be back next month....and now we know why I have no readers. lol!

Good news, though. The Walking Dead has finally returned!!!!!! w00t! Now if Game of Thrones would hurry and get back on...


  1. Replies
    1. I thought it was worth reporting...okay, it wasn't, but did I mention that The Walking Dead was back on? :D People need to know!

  2. Well, it's good of you to at least let us know you're still alive ;)
    I'd be watching The Walking Dead if only I had cable.
    See you around!

    1. How do you know I'm alive? I could be a zombie with typing skills. bwaahuahuaha No Walking Dead? :O You could always go to the AMC site and watch it. ;) Good to see you, Fel!

  3. Geez, if I'd known that people still looked at this blog, I would've attempted to something.

    My readers deserve witty commentary, in depth reviews, and funny...stuff. And I shall not let them down!!

    give me a second...

    *runs off to copy one of Fel's posts*

  4. Ah. She lives! Er, is this evidence? Or am I being fooled again by a clever simulacrum?

    Only time will tell. Or, will it?

    Seriously, glad you're alive out there, and I hope things are working out for ya.

    1. You were fooled! My blog is on auto pilot. It just posts random things...randomly. But if you'd like to type to a human, please push 2, at which time you'll be connected to another automated service which will give you further instructions. :)

      Thank you so kindly for dropping by, Kyla! Pleased to have you on my blog. :)