Sunday, June 1, 2014

For some reason, unknown to me, my Artwork page is not showing up on the side like it used to. After several attempts and failures at getting it back up, I've come to the conclusion that my blog is broken. I may have to switch to Word Press or to another hosting site and start a new one just for my artwork...I don't know.

Anyway, in the meantime if anyone is interested in seeing my artwork you can find the page here...

Got it back on the side bar! It's a miracle! No new art up anyway right now, but working on several new pieces.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Hello bloggers, friends, and people who are evidently bored. :D It's been some time since I've wrote anything on here, so long that I can barely type over the mounds of dust piled up from months of neglect. I have, however, uploaded a few new pics onto my art page, so hopefully you'll check 'em out. *hint* *hint* go check them out! :D

As to why my blog has been in a coma...well, I can't really say...which is really to say that I haven't had much to say nor the time to say it even if I something to say.

Bad news: my writing has pretty much come to a halt for now.

Good news: my artwork is still going strong and I have several new pieces that I'm working on.

A huge shout out to those faithful ones who keep checking my blog in hopes of finding a new post on it one day and to any new people who might stumble across it by accident and take a second or two to glance at it. You are all awesome.

If the writing bug returns and my long lost muse makes a reappearance, I shall let you know, but until then I hope that you will enjoy my artwork as I continue to post new work up or you can poke it with a stick and laugh at it. *shrug* As long as I can provide a little entertainment, I'm good with that. :)

Keep on keeping on, peeps. May the road get easier and your load grow lighter as your troubles fall to the wayside.  And remember-- in a sea of darkness YOU are the light. Which may not be a good thing depending on the could get swarmed by moths, or drowned from ships thinking that you're a lighthouse, or people may want to use you to go into dark, creepy places, or to at least lower their electric bills. But I think I'm getting a little off track...cheers!