Friday, January 24, 2014

Hello bloggers, friends, and people who are evidently bored. :D It's been some time since I've wrote anything on here, so long that I can barely type over the mounds of dust piled up from months of neglect. I have, however, uploaded a few new pics onto my art page, so hopefully you'll check 'em out. *hint* *hint* go check them out! :D

As to why my blog has been in a coma...well, I can't really say...which is really to say that I haven't had much to say nor the time to say it even if I something to say.

Bad news: my writing has pretty much come to a halt for now.

Good news: my artwork is still going strong and I have several new pieces that I'm working on.

A huge shout out to those faithful ones who keep checking my blog in hopes of finding a new post on it one day and to any new people who might stumble across it by accident and take a second or two to glance at it. You are all awesome.

If the writing bug returns and my long lost muse makes a reappearance, I shall let you know, but until then I hope that you will enjoy my artwork as I continue to post new work up or you can poke it with a stick and laugh at it. *shrug* As long as I can provide a little entertainment, I'm good with that. :)

Keep on keeping on, peeps. May the road get easier and your load grow lighter as your troubles fall to the wayside.  And remember-- in a sea of darkness YOU are the light. Which may not be a good thing depending on the could get swarmed by moths, or drowned from ships thinking that you're a lighthouse, or people may want to use you to go into dark, creepy places, or to at least lower their electric bills. But I think I'm getting a little off track...cheers!