Poems and Memories

Easter Night by tapittman

Hidden in the tall, thick grass
Lie small ovals of every hue
Only a sliver of orange or pink shows
As the cool winds whip through

Yellow bonnet tied snug
Cheeks bright red
Giggles burst gleefully
As little hands clutch eggs

Onward and onward she runs
Eyes wide with awe
Plucking up treasures
Ever so gentle with them all

Yellow dress edged in lace
Flowing in the light breeze
Ribbons tie back golden locks
And white stockings stretch to her knees

Basket now almost full
And the sun about to rise
It's almost time to go
But no tears moisten her eyes

She dances around
The cemetery once more
Knowing what comes after
And what had came before

Looking back at the flowers
Placed with love upon her grave
A smile touches her lips
As she gives a small wave

With her basket of colors
She steps into the light
And a small soul goes to heaven
On this Easter night.


The sun has burned out
Stars fall from the sky
I reach for your hand
But you're not at my side

I make a wish upon a falling star
Seeking hope where there is none
Straining to see the light
Before my world comes undone

Blindly searching for a path
That shall never be revealed
Trapped deep inside this heart
That can never be healed

Cover me gently
Sing me a lullaby
Hold me tightly
Before we say goodbye

Whisper you love me before the last star dies

I can almost hear your whisper
I can almost feel your touch
Everything seems so distant now
And we've both lost so much

Where has the light gone?
Was it ever really there?
The darkness is too heavy
For my shattered soul to bear

Thunder crashes and the sky mourns
Drowning me with a thousand tears
Slowly, I sink beneath the earth
Letting go of my pain and fears

Cover me gently
Sing me a lullaby
Hold me tightly
Before we say goodbye

Whisper you love me before the last star dies


Steven Michael Sarber (smsarber) April 6, 1976- August 2012 R.I.P.

So glad I got to know you, my friend. Your time here was way too short. Thank you for being my friend and for all the great music. You always fought so bravely and often with a smile.  You were always cool
  even while sporting hospital gowns and I know you're one of the coolest souls up in heaven right now.

Even in pain, you kept it sober, real, and positive. Always finding your way back to us. The love you had for your wife and children was undeniable, it showed in every post. A hound and a prince for life. I wish I had gotten the chance to say goodbye. You will be missed.

Keep the heavens smiling and rocking. Until we meet again.

God bless Crystal and his children-- Randy and Rachel.

This is the photo he told us he wanted as his author pic on his booksleeve--

And a few links of him jammin' on youtube that he shared with us. And by 'us' 'we',  I mean with the AW family.


oh wow, I just remembered zombie unicorns...I wonder if you ever finished that.

A poem dedicated to CactusWendy/Wendy Baylis. An AWer forever, may she rest in peace.

A flower blooms.
Her spirit soars.
Shadows play
on the desert floor.

Part of the rain,
And now the wind.
It's the beginning,
Not an end.

One in the same-
She and the rainbow.
Melding together
In a brilliant glow.

Free at last.
Peace is found.
Colors ascend,
Homeward bound.

Leaving love
And memories
On the desert below
Cherished by many.

Where the cactus flowers grow



  1. Nicely done Tracy!! How beautifully sad... and I say that as a compliment. See ya in the Pub!

    1. Hey Honeybug! Good to have you visit my blog. :) Thank you! I'm not really a poet, it just came to me on Easter night and I wrote it down hoping someone would enjoy it. ;) Thank you for the kind words. The Baileys is on me!:D

  2. Sigh! :D Wow, NF, this is so good! I love how you tugged on my heartstrings here. :)

    1. *blushes* Aw, thanks Kelly. I keep changing the words, trying to get it to sound...poetic or something. lol! Thanks you very much for reading. <3 (and not pointing and laughing at me. lol)