Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween

The shadows dance upon my wall. Cringing, I dig deeper into the covers. The wind howling as it violently shakes the window making the branches outside screech against the pane. I know that I'm not alone and in one hand I clench my dagger whilst the other clutches tightly to the cross which hangs from a leather cord around my neck. I repeatedly say the Lord's Prayer.


"Our Father which art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name..."


The lantern will not stay lit even though it's shuttered from any drafts that may come in from under the door or windows. I only have the pale moonlight from the window to see by, leaving most of the room in dark shadows. It's a cold night and I think about going into the main room where I can keep warm by the fireplace, but I know if I move it will strike, perhaps leaping on my back and sinking its teeth into my neck. So I sit shivering on my bed with the covers pulled up around me.


Praying gives me little courage, but still I whisper, "I know you're there. I can hear you breathing. Be gone ye demon for I fear thee not."  I do believe I hear a snort or grunt. I can imagine it having red eyes, though I cannot see them, and razor-like teeth. I hold up my dagger and the moonlight dances across its blade.


"You see, I am armed and I will not go down without a fight, so best you go prey upon an easier victim," I said, trying to keep my voice from trembling.


Shuffling. Was that shuffling I heard or was it merely my imagination? I press my back against the headboard and brace myself for the attack, but the beast remains hidden from my sight.


This time, I raise the cross into the light. "I know you're there, I can smell you. You smell of  rotting corpses and all that is foul and unholy. But I fear ye not, for you see, I am protected."


 All remained silent except for the wind and trees and I was growing weary. This was the third night that I felt the demon in the room. Three sleepless nights and I feared that I would succumb to the lure of sleep for my eyelids felt as if they were made of lead. Head nodding, the darkness threatened to plunge me into a deep sleep--one that I'd very much welcome if only there wasn't a demon in the corner waiting for me to collapse.


"I am a man of faith," I mumbled. "Go now and let me be. I will not sleep so that you can slit my throat and feed upon me during the night. God gives me strength and power so I say to you, demon, begone. In the name of--"


The words catch in my throat as the shadows move, and from the corner of my room a form emerges breaking away from the darkness and stepping into the moonlight. I gasp as it opens its mouth revealing rows of long, sharp teeth. Its eyes burn into mine as it flexes its long, steely claws. The leather chord snaps as I strain my arm out in front of me, using the cross as a shield. My heart now in my throat I find it difficult to breathe.

"Leave... me be," I managed to stammer, waving the dagger in front of me, though now it felt completely inadequate against the demon that stood before me. So I did the only thing I could think of--I prayed. "I will fear no evil, though I walk through the valley of dea--" 


"Enough," the demon hissed. "For crying out loud! Don't you ever sleep? Who knew humans babbled on and on with no end in sight? I haven't slept in three nights! I got more rest in hell. Fuck this, I'm out of here."

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!  Hope you enjoyed the story. :D

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