Friday, June 22, 2012

Dragon's Journal

It's not easy living alone in a time that is not yours. Once a mighty, powerful beast-- now chained by a society that wants to keep me beaten down. And though the chains upon my legs and neck are invisible, they are binding all the same. And I know that I'll never break free; I'll never fly. My wings are broken and my spirit is crushed under the weight of my captor's chains.

My cave is falling down around me and the water has been dried up for over a year. Food is scarce and what little I can get comes at a high price. Day and night they try to take my cave, they try to beat the will to live out of me. But I sustain, and survive the best I can.

I toil my life away, my feet and back ache, but I work consistently, and yet it is still not enough for them. Through sweat and tears, I put one foot in front of the other, but day by day I grow more weary. A heart once strong and full of dreams and love is now just a vessel filled with pain and despair. I long to be free; I long to fly.

I look upon the heavens and let out a mournful cry, but get no reply. I am alone, perhaps the last of my kind.

Fire has turned into nothing more than mere smoke-- and dreams into ashes. The chains tighten around my neck threatening to choke out my very existence.

 I used to have dreams of another dragon, one of light like a bright star on the horizon. One that would one day come and break these chains that bind me--one that would free me from my oppressors. But now my nights are restless, I sleep little and dream no more. I grow old and weak as my enemies grow stronger, and soon the last dragon will be a passing thought in the minds of those who remember of a time when dragon wings spread gracefully in blue skies and shined with the promise of magic and light in an otherwise bleak world. Afterall what is life without magic? Without dreams of what could be? What is a land without dragons?

Dragon's Land/Flying with Broken Wings-- a WIP.


  1. YAY!! New WIP!! I love this, as I do so much of your writings. This is awesome and I truly hope you stick with it to completion! *Hugs*

    1. Thank you, Honey! It's my auto-biography as a dragon. lol!It's a tough world for dragons. :D Thanks for reading it, my friend! <3

  2. girl... you need to sell some of those damn paintings you do.... you are a talented writer and artist. Get thouest to the Etsy! :) fer reals.

  3. :) Thanks bettielee! The Etsy? I've heard of it, I think, but I don't have a clue as to what it is. :/ Is it like an online art store?

  4. :) Thank you Lady Ardour for reading and commenting! Glad you liked it, we'll see how it goes. It's in the beginning stages, yet. ;)Hopefully, it'll have a happy ending.

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    1. Thank you Tepelus, appreciate you reading and commenting!I love dragons, too. :) Great having you on my blog.