Thursday, February 9, 2012

Why I Write Horror

I love writing horror, I suppose it started with my love for reading horror. At eleven I read Salem's Lot by Stephen King and yes, I was up all night staring at the window as a branch scraped against it, the wind making it sway from side to side casting shadows across my bedroom wall. It seems as if I was drawn to the tension and fear. I also watched Amityville Horror and The Exorcist at a very young age. Unfortunately, getting the crap scared out of me at such a young age raised the bar for anything else as I got older and now it's almost impossible to find anything that makes me unnerved like it did back then. Oh, some things come along and I think well that should be scary...but...

So, I guess I write horror in search for something that will actually freak me out and see if I can convey that feeling on paper so that others can feel it, too. The build-up, suspense, and the underlying feeling of dread is what I strive for in writing. And then, of course, not to let any of my readers down in the end, but I guarantee that if I'm creating the tension of what's to come, then something evil and twisted will be right around the corner waiting...for you.


  1. lol, I tried to read "IT" when I was 11 and threw the book across the room after the boys arm was ripped off in the sewer >.< eeek! I finished reading that when I got older XD

    I can't wait to read the evil and twisted! O.O lol!!!

  2. :D I'll try to put up an excerpt of either my novel or one of my short stories next month. Stay tuned for the evil and twisted. lol!

  3. hehehe, MISERY by Stephen King gave me nightmares as a kid. It was a way harsher book than the movie and the book scene with the axe was what did it for me. I kept hearing the squeak of a blade being pried free from bone for many nights afterwards, lol! I love to watch horror movies in the dark, or read scary books with only one light on over my shoulder. Being scared gets the heart racing so nicely, hehehe! :D


  4. Yay! I'm excited to see what you post :) Kelly I don't think I've read Misery lol! As a King fan I'm ashamed to admit that, guess that gives me a reason to buy a new book >:)

  5. Kelly, I didn't read Misery until I was much older, great book btw, but yeah, I can see how that would give you nightmares. :D You are just the kind of reader I'd want. One that reads in a dark room and loves the thrill of a good scare. :)We are alike in that fashion.

    Dawn, the snippet that I'm thinking of putting up is from a short story I recently finished. Some eerie parts in it. I received some great, positive feedback from my fellow writers so hopefully it won't be disappointing. :)

  6. I'm sure it will be great!! :)